AKOM (Animation KOrea Movie) Productions is a South Korean animation studio in Songpa-gu, Seoul that has provided much work since its conception in 1985 by Nelson Shin. Its biggest claim to fame is the overseas animation for 200 episodes of The Simpsons, to which that number is consistently rising. In fact, they animated the first two seasons of the series exclusively. The studio also produced a portion of the overseas animation for The Simpsons Movie. AKOM provided all of the animation for Exosquad

Other well-known series that AKOM has been involved in include X-Men, The Tick, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series (from which they were later fired by Bruce Timm due to inconsistent and frequently poor quality animation, specifically due to the episode "Cat Scratch Fever"), The Transformers, including the infamous "Carnage in C-Minor", and five of The Land Before Time films.

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