Albrecht Ketzer
Dr. Albrecht Ketzer
Faction None
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown
Dr. Albrecht Ketzer was a genetic engineering specialist.


Ketzer stationed deep in the Amazon Rain forests during the entire Neosapien War. Infamous for his unorthodox beliefs and a rather cynical attitude to normal humans (as well as Neosapiens), he was a genius of the same level as Professor Algernon and was actually capable of creating a new human strain living in perfect symbiosis with the rain forests. His projects were pure eugenics but Algernon desperately needed his help in slicing the Neo Lord genome, so Admiral Winfield sent the Able Squad to locate Ketzer and extract him to Resolute II. The mission failed and Ketzer escaped after having infused Lt. Nara Burns with an unidentified mutating agent. Later he participated in expulsion of Neosapien remnants from the Amazon Basin, mostly for his own ends. After the war, he attempted to recapture Lt. Burns as she was trying to find Neosapien deserters in the Amazon.

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The word "Ketzer" means "heretic" in German.

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