Amanda Connor
Amanda Connor
Amanda Connor, Ministry of Information
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status Incarcerated
Voice Actor Unknown

Amanda Connor was assigned to the Ministry of Information for the Neosapien Commonwealth, under the direction of Minister of Information, Livia.


Amanda Connor was Sean Napier's ex-wife and one of the few Terran collaborationists who accepted Phaeton's regime and have been promoted to higher positions by the Neosapiens. Being an experienced journalist, Amanda Connor has been appointed to the Terran Entertainment Department, whose sole function was giving the Terrans on Earth an illusion of well-being and justice. Even though Connor was aware that her job was effectively brainwashing, she firmly believed that the Neosapiens were not truly evil and that sooner or later both Neosapiens and Terrans would realize the necessity of peaceful co-existence and work towards it. However, after she unwillingly participated in the extraction of the Earth's senators by the Able Squad, Phaeton had her imprisoned and her department disbanded. In the series final episode "Beyond Chaos", she is seen as a weak and pale prisoner in torn rags being lead out of a cell at the Isle of Pines, a former Neosapien prison. She cries as Neosapien flag is lowered indicating the end of the Neosapien War.

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