180px-Suicidal asteroids 2

A trio of Rogue Asteroids close in on the Resolute.

An application of Pirate ingenuity, 'Rogue' Asteroids are a simple but highly effective weapon. Little more than small asteroids fitted with remote controled thruster arrays, the Asteroids are aimed at opposing capital ships and hurl themselves toward their intended target. Before activation, they appear indistinguishable from normal asteroids. Even if the opposing ships manage to destroy the Asteroids prior to impact, Pirate leaders have learned to use the distraction of the Asteroids to their advantage. A popular Pirate tactic is to launch attacks from a cloaked force while the opposing ships are engaged with the Asteroids. The ExoFleet nearly fell victim to Rogue Asteroids during the early stages of their campaign against the Pirate Clans.

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