Baker Squad
Baker Squad 1
ExoSquad Flight Two: Baker Squad
Affiliation Exofleet
Jurisdiction Homeworlds
Type E-Frame Unit
Flagship Resolute II
Notable Units
Pirate Clans War: 2119 A.D.
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.
ExoSquad Flight Two: Baker Squad was an E-frame unit in the Exofleet assigned to the Fleet Exocarrier Resolute II.


In 2121 A.D., Baker Squad, then led by Lt. Cmdr. Kozeri, served along side Able Squad in a long term reconnaissance mission for finding a new massive underground Neosapien weapons complex on Mars. The ExoFleet spy Marduk, who had gone missing after handing over information on this weapons complex to ExoFleet, contacted the ExoFleet and asked to be picked up at the Falls of Eris on Mars.

The plan to retrieve Marduck was a trap and Able and Baker Squads were ambushed. Baker Squad lost four of its members in the attack. The supposed weapons complex turned out to be an Alien built structure that was unknown to ExoFleet or the Neosapiens. The rest of Baker Squad was lost fighting the Neosapiens, led by General Typhonus and his Neo Mega, Exial, within the actual structure.

Squad MembersEdit

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