• Year: 2119
  • Factions
    • Exofleet
    • Pirate Clans
  • Casualties
    • Exofleet: 1 Exocruiser
    • Pirate Clans: base on Enceladus, all surface weapons


Winfield had the fleet position itself at maximum range for an orbital bombardment. The long range attack destroyed dozens of Laser Cannon installations. Despite losing the majority of his surface installations, Simbacca refused to return fire and instead told command crew that "prey comes willingly to the spider who waits in his web".

Matthew Marcus suggested than the fleet move to a lower orbit to ensure that maximum damage would be inflicted on the base. Winfield agreed and the fleet moved to a lower orbit. After Exofleet had moved into the lower orbit Simbacca ordered that the pirate's heavy weapons be fired. At least 1 Exocruiser was destroyed within minutes of the counterattack. Winfield refused to retreat and ordered the E-frames to attack.

Jumptroop companies landed on the surface and engaged the pirate infantry with E-frames providing heavy weapons support. As the pirates lost their heavy weapons, they retreated to the underground complex. Able Squad entered the ice caves only to ambushed by anti-infantry guns hidden behind Holograms. Able Squad was forced to abandon their E-frames and fight with personal weapons.

The pirate command center was breached, but Simbacca and many other pirates managed to escape. Able Squad returned to the Resolute while the pirates fled to Tethys for the next battle. With the destruction of the command center, the pirate base was rendered useless.


Fleet fighting pirate on base

Exofleet attacking from long range.

A poching the hidden pirate bases

Exofleet approaching at medium range.


Exofleet in orbit at short range.

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