Ceres Outpost
Ceres Outpost
Neosapien Base on Ceres
Affiliation Neosapien Commonwealth
Location Ceres
Status Destroyed


The Ceres Outpost, under the command of General Drusus, was a Neosapien military installation that had a Neosapien Brood Center for developing the Neo Mega, under the direction by the Minister of Genetics, Praetorius. In 2121 A.D., it was assaulted by the ExofleetPirate Clans Joint Forces as a feint to divert Neosapien forces to Mars prior to the Exofleet campaign to liberate the Homeworlds.

During the battle, General Drusus exposed the Neo Megas to the Exofleet and unintentionally revealed their secret existence. The Exofleet went on to liberate Ceres and defeat the Neosapiens. Though the assault on Ceres was a diversion, it proved invaluable to the Exofleet with the discovery of the Neo Megas.


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