Chaos (planet)
Type Outer Planet
Status Liberated
Places of Interest
Chaos was the tenth planet of the Solar System composed primarily of Dark Matter. Chaos was the stronghold of the Pirate Clans, protected by both its unknown location and the cloaking properties of the dark matter. Dark matter was used by the Pirates to construct Cloaking Devices that kept their fleet hidden from the Exofleet and later, the Neosapiens. The cloaking device also provided a defense against the GRAF Shield.

Port Chaos is the only major population center. The port resembles a military base, not a city, given the social structure of the clans. Pirate society was chaotic due to the frequent clan disagreements and the effects of Dark Matter Syndrome.

Jonas Simbacca, the leader of all the clans, allied with Exofleet and allowed them to use the drydocks at Chaos. However, several clans refused to follow his orders, resulting in sabotage and an attempted assassination.

After Exofleet went on the offensive, Chaos was rarely mentioned since it was far away from the front lines.

After the end of the Neosapien War, the pirates decided to abandon Chaos in favor for Mars and allow the building of a Neosapien/Exofleet science station. J.T. Marsh was requested to settle the disagreements over the division of the pirate's holdings.

Chaos vanished when an aggressive and extremely powerful alien civilization from beyond the Solar System destroyed it. The only known survivor of the attack was wing commander J.T. Marsh. Since the series was canceled after the last episode, the true nature of the attackers remained unclear.

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