The Cobra
Faction Pirate Clans
Name Cobra
Class Destroyer
Status Destroyed
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Complement Pirate Fighter

The Cobra (†) was a ship in the Pirate Fleet of the Destroyer class under the command of Captain Barca.


In 2121 A.D., the Cobra participated in a task force comprised of the Destroyer Avenger, Able, Delta and Echo Squads for a Recon-and-Force Mission to Mars. Their mission was to locate a new massive underground Neosapien Weapons Complex on Mars based on the Exofleet spy Marduk, who had gone missing after handing over information on this Weapons Complex to Exofleet.

The mission was a trap, set up by Neosapien Spy Barca, with the task force losing the Avenger, Delta and Echo Squads. Able Squad was captured by the Cobra's crew and held prisoner on a Neosapien Monitor Class ship disguised a captured ship.

The Cobra towed the disguised captured ship to the Resolute II with the intent of setting off rigged explosives on the monitor to destroy the Resolute II and its commanding officers Admiral Winfield and Captain Simbacca. Able Squad was able to escape thanks to Lt. Nurns and Hallas, allowing them to warn the Resolute II. The Cobra was destroyed when the Monitor exploded while still under tow killing all of the Cobra's crew.


Episode AppearancesEdit

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