Commander Creon
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Neosapien
E-Frame Troop Transport E-frame #AA-500
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown
Commander Creon was assigned to the Venus Fleet of the Neosapien Commonwealth under the command of Governor General Draconis.


Creon was the right hand man to General Draconis as they shared a natural hatred for Terrans and enjoyed the harsh subjugation of the Venusian populace. Creon assisted Draconis in many of his failed endeavors to usurp Governor General Phaeton for complete control of the Neosapien Commonwealth but was miraculously never implicated.

He assisted Draconis in the secret construction of Dragon's Rock, which was to be used as the base of operations for Draconis against Phaeton in an eventual coup d'etat. Additionally, he helped strand Phaeton, unbeknownst to him a Phaeton clone, aboard the Olympus Mons II as it was being destroyed, killing the Phaeton clone. After Phaeton executed Draconis, Creon was reassigned to the secret Neo Warrior breeding complex in Antarctica to assist Minister of Genetics, Praetorius.

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