Diana, Chicago Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Light Reconnaissance E-frame
Status Executed
Voice Actor Unknown

Diana (†) is a member of the Earth Resistance in Chicago.


Diana use to live on Venus where her husband and little girl resides. She joined the Earth Resistance in the first year of the Neosapien war. When she found out that the Neosapiens had captured her family she made a deal with the Neosapien General Shiva. If she could find out where the resistance and Exofleet had taken Xenobius and gave away their locations she would be given in return her family with a transport to Venus. She betrayed the Venus Resistance and Exofleet. Shiva kept to his word about the transport, yet it was not going to Venus it was sent to the Sun. She was saved by Marsala who disguised as a shuttle pilot and turned the transport back away from the sun. She later attempted to extract her vengeance by telling Marsh the location of Xenobius and Algernon. Although she was captured by Draconis, Marsh used her information to locate Algernon.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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