General Drusus
General Drusus
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Neosapien
E-Frame None
Status Executed
Voice Actor Unknown
General Drusus (†) was commanding officer of Ceres for the Neosapien Commonwealth.


Drusus was in charge of security for the Neo Mega Brood Centers on Ceres. During the Exofleet assault on Ceres, Drusus, who was military-minded, put every available resource on the front line to defend the Brood Centers, including the Neo Megas at the protest of the Minister of Genetics, Praetorius.

Thus, exposing the Neo Megas to the Exofleet and unintentionally revealing their secret existence. This was done much to the displeasure of Governor General Phaeton as Drusus was executed for his grave error.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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