E-Frame Repair Unit
E-Frame Repair Unit ExoTrooper 1
ExoSquad Flight Seven: E-Frame Repair Unit
Affiliation Exofleet
Jurisdiction Homeworlds
Type E-Frame Unit
Flagship Resolute II
Notable Units
Pirate Clans War: 2119 A.D.
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.
ExoSquad Flight Seven: E-Frame Repair Unit was one of several E-frame units in the Exofleet and was assigned to the Fleet Exocarrier Resolute II.


The E-Frame Repair Unit was very important to Exofleet as they helped repair E-Frames and the Exofleet after battles. Furthermore, they were instrumental in building the dry docks and headquarters on the Io Moon base which was essential to sustaining the Exofleet after the Third Battle of Earth.

They were put into good use by the Earth and Venus Resistance, as they would not only repair Resistance E-Frames but they would repair captured Neosapien E-Frames to help expand the Resistance’s arsenal and firepower. They were also very crucial in the rebuilding of Venus after it was liberated.

In 2121 A.D., the E-Frame Repair Unit, then led by Captain O'Hare, lent one of its squad members, Sgt. Felson, to help repair captured Neosapien E-Frames for the resistance on Earth. Unfortunately, their contact Turner double crossed them and led the Neosapiens right to them. Felson was captured and later executed.

Squad MembersEdit

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