Exial, assistant Neo Mega to Typhonus
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Neo Mega
E-Frame Mobile Land and Air Command
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Unknown

Exial (†) was the Neo Mega assistant assigned to the Minister of Battle Forces, Typhonus of the Neosapien Commonwealth.


Exial was tasked by Governor General Phaeton to assist General Typhonus at his base of operations within the Ministry of Battle Forces, located in Maginus City, capital of Mars. Exial was as ruthless and astute as his Neosapien counterpart, Typhonus. They worked extremely well together, which was contrary to nearly all Neosapien commanders and their Neo Mega assistants.

Exial assisted in the capture of the Exofleet spy, Marduk. As well as assisted Typhonus in his investigation of the alien structure, which appeared in the Martian wastelands of Mars. Exial was killed trying to escape the alien structure by the structure's self defense mechanisms.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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