Galba, assistant Neo Mega to Praetorius
Race Neo Mega
E-Frame None
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown
Galba was the Neo Mega assistant assigned to the Minister of Genetics, Praetorius of the Neosapien Commonwealth.


Galba was Praetorius's advisor and the sole remaining Neo Mega in the Universe after the purge by Phaeton, which wiped out his race entirely following an unsuccessful coup d'état. Before the purge he had aided Exofleet several times since he realized that Phaeton's leadership would destroy both sides. During the coup attempt, Galba did not agree with his fellow Neo Megas' plans for the empire, and was imprisoned by them during the coup. Livia took this to mean that he did not support the coup because he was loyal to Phaeton, and thus he wasn't executed with the others. In fact, he was imprisoned because he believed in peace with the terrans. Later, he became a secret supporter of the Exofleet, eventually revealing to them the secrets of the Doomsday Device set up by Phaeton. After the war ended he became an advisor to Exofleet.

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