Ground Assault E-Frame
Ground Assault E-Frame


Model Ground Assault #BD-100
Weapons and Defense
Armament Laser Cannons
Known Pilots

Model: #BD-100
Type: General Purpose E-Frame


Height: 2.2m (7' 4")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.8m (5' 11")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.1m (3' 7")


  • Primary Lift/Thrust: Arm Thrusters


  • Top

Mission variable options:

  • Right: Blaster or small torpedo
E-frame missile

Torpedo launcher

  • Center-right: Blaster
  • Left: Dual torpedo launcher or dual blaster


  • 5-Barrel Gatling Gun Missile Launchers

5-Barrel Gatling Gun Missile Launchers

  • Tracer Blasters
Timed mine bomb

Tracer Blaster

Left Arm

  • Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook Launched

Mission variable options:

  • Laser Side Shooters (eight emitters)
  • Small Warhead Rockets (seven or nine launchers


Front: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding (primary concern is pilot visibility, only capable of deflecting light/medium blaster fire and light impacts)

Back: 8cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 3cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between)

Arms: 6cm Plasteel Armor housing

Accessory EquipmentEdit

Mission variable options:

Center-right: Searchlight
Center-left: Antenna or dual antenna


Multiple Warhead Plasma Grenade Launcher (arms; launches a cube which quickly splits into numerous incendiary packets)


No other General Purpose ExoFrame can match the Ground Assault E-Frame's raw firepower, or its ability to expend ordinance quickly. Complete reliance on rapid-fire heavy projectile weapons, however, means that the possibility of exausting available ammunition during a battle is often of concern to the pilot. As the name suggests, because of the Ground Assault E-Frame's design it is at a disadvantage to most any other General Purpose ExoFrame when it comes to flight speed and manueverability, especially in an atmosphere. These factors combine to make the Ground Assault E-Frame inadvisable for all except experienced exopilots with steady nerves.


Specialized for ground combat, this E-frame had an enormous raw firepower but was very difficult to navigate in the atmosphere and space. Also, because of its high fire rate, a #BD-100 pilot has always had to consider the possibility of running out of ammo in the middle of a fight. For these reasons only the pilots with the most experience and the steadiest nerves dared to use it. Wolf Bronsky's personal Algernon Upgrade was a Multiple Warhead Plasma Grenade Launcher.

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