Model: #RA-643
Type: General Purpose E-Frame


Height: 2.4m (7' 10")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.4m (4' 7")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.0m (3' 3")


Primary Lift/Thrust: Directional Leg Thrusters



  • Dual Shoulder Launched Fusion Missile Clusters (two banks of six launchers, fired in groups of four or six; long or short range)
  • Ultraight Blaster

Right Arm

  • Crushing Mace Missile
  • Small warhead rocket (outer arm)
  • Light Blaster (inner arm)

Left Arm

  • Powered Arm Rocket (high impact lightning strike rocket designed to pierce exoframes and explode inside)
  • Light Blaster (top of arm)
  • Small warhead rocket (inner arm)


Cockpit: 2cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding
Front: 4cm Plasteel Armor; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
Back: 3cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 2cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between); heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
Arms: 2cm Plasteel Armor housing; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat

Accessory EquipmentEdit


  • Surface Scanning Spy Radar (detects life forms up to 75 miles away)


This e-frame is very aerodynamic, light, and as a result fast. But to achieve this the amount of armor has been sacrificed, so these e-frames will often succumb to only one or two direct hits. The High Speed Stealth E-Frame was the most widely produced Neo sapien exoframe, comprising about 80-90% of all Neo e-frame forces. This model was also used in the vacuum of space despite the irrelevance of its aerodynamics there.

Oddly, it does not seem to be fully sealed against vacuum as the operator’s arms are clearly exposed and visible through large holes in the E-frame’s torso. While Neo Sapiens can survive for a short period in low air environments (as demonstrated by Marsala rescuing Nara Burns in Hidden Terrors), it is improbable that they can use these E-frames for extended periods in space without helmets. Even more illogically, humans from the Pirate Clans use a few of these captured E-frames in Ultimate Weapon, again without the benefit of helmets or space suits.


Most of this E-frame's armor and firepower was sacrificed in order to make it as aerodynamic, light and speedy as possible but despite its obvious atmospheric design, this model has been mostly used in the outer space. Probably because of its low production price, #RA-643 was by far the most common combat E-frame in the Neosapien Fleet. General Typhonus was especially fond of wielding one of these.

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Typhonu's High Speed Stealth E-frame #RA-643Edit

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