J.J. Grimley
JJ Grimley
J.J. Grimley, Chicago Resistance
Faction Earth Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Unknown
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown

J.J. Grimley was a member of the Earth Resistance in Chicago.


J.J. has a love of technology and machinery, and can figure out how to fix, or build, almost anything the group needs. Unfortunately, supplies and equipment are in short supply, so he is forced to use his ingenuity. He actually loves the challenge and enjoys putting together vehicles and weapons out of spare parts, junk scrounged front debris strewn streets, and whatever else he can get his hands on - even if the end-product is of a somewhat unconventional design.

The resistance has come to rely upon his abilities, and often his skills are the only thing that stands between escape, capture or destruction. J.J.'s expertise was an essential part of the Resistance's attempt to steal a hover train and rig it to destroy the Neo facility at the Great Slave Lake in Canada.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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