J.T. Marsh
JT Marsh
Lt. Cmdr. J.T. Marsh
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Aerial Attack E-frame #AA-500
Status Active
Voice Actor Robby Benson

Lt. / Lt. Cmdr. J.T. Marsh (it is never revealed what his initials stand for) was the leader of the Able Squad.


A rough and tough sqaud leader with natural instincts. Brilliant combat strategist who never met a rule he didn't break. No leader ever cared more about his men and less about rank. Always willing to get down and dirty to get the job done. Flies his Aerial Attack E-Frame with the same brazen abandon that he fights with the Neosapiens.


In episode 2.23, he is promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and henceforth has two units under his command, Able and Baker Squads, while Lt. Nara Burns becomes the new leader of the former. Over the course of the war, J.T. Marsh has proven himself as a man whom people will follow - even being the most famous and successful exosquad leader of the Exofleet, he remained a modest, attentive and likable person. In fact, the only one who has ever truly hated him was Phaeton, the leader of Neosapiens, - as well as the only one who was equal to him in hand-to-hand combat (except the Neo Lords), which clearly demonstrates Marsh's battle skills. One of his regular tactics in a space battle was to go for the enemy flagship, especially the bridge, and decapitate the opposing fleet. Over the time, Marsh has developed a mutual tender relationship with Colleen O'Reilly, a Lieutenant of the Jumptroop Platoon. As the series progressed, it was revealed that Marsh was at one time as rebellious and gung ho as Yuri Stavrogan and Kaz Takagi in his youth, the first episode alluded to this when he disobeyed orders and went on a joy run with his squad in the canyons on Mars. Clearly, fighting against the Neosapiens served to remind Marsh of his duties and the nature of war itself. During the war, Marsh piloted a "Falcon" #AA-500 E-frame.

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