James Burns
James Burns, Venus Resistance Commander
Faction Venus Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Spy / Logistics Field Communications E-frame #SLR-345
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Michael Donovan
James Burns (†) was Commander of the Venus Resistance and the younger brother of Lt. Nara Burns.


James Burns grew up as farmer on Vesta, working on his family's own farm. In 2119 A.D., during Operation Destiny, James witnessed his mother and father killed by Neosapien Occupational Forces.

Most of Venus was devastated during the initial takeover and was further ravaged when Phaeton's appointed Governor General, Draconis employed scorched earth tactics to exterminate the terran population. The Neosapien occupation of Venus was the most ruthless and viscous.

This caused James to hold a personal vendetta against Draconis, driving him to be the leader, voice, and thorn in the side of the Venusian Occupational forces. As James' hatred toward the occupation consumed him, along with other resistance members, he became equally as ruthless and viscous as Draconis. Additionally, he held resentment towards the Exofleet for leaving Venus open to Neosapien invasion.

One example in the early days of the Neosapien War, James Burns was going to trade three ExoTroopers, J.T. Marsh, Alec DeLeon, and Marsala, to the Neosapiens for three months of food. Burns was eventually talked down to not make the deal by his sister Nara Burns.

James had been a good leader despite his lack of military skills. He grew and learned through lots of his failures to eventually become a great leader by the conclusion of the war. He also succeeded in helping as many humans on Venus as he could to survive General Draconis' atrocities throughout the war.

During the liberation of Venus, James was severely injured in a fight against Draconis but survived and was equipped with bionics to replace his injured limbs. James was eventually killed in action rescuing Marsala who had been kidnapped by a rogue resistance cell, led by fellow resistance member Krueger, intent on eradicating all Neosapiens from the ExoFleet and Venus by any means regardless of their affiliation during the war.

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