Jonas Simbacca
Captain Simbacca, Pirate Clan Leader
Faction Pirate Clans
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown
Captain Jonas Simbacca is the leader of the Pirate Clans.


Simbacca apparently established himself as a young warrior, and it has not been revealed how he attained the position. He proceeded to become the most feared man in the solar system by successfully leading the Pirates on a campaign of escalating attacks against the Homeworlds' vessels. He was so effective in orchestrating these assaults that a special task force was created within the Exofleet for the sole purpose of exterminating the Pirate threat. When the Neosapien War began, Simbacca kept the Pirates out of the conflict until both sides sought to acquire them as allies. It was at this time that he was captured by the Neosapien Commonwealth, who wished to compel the Pirates to join their side.

After J.T. Marsh, Alec DeLeon, and Hallas helped him escape, Simbacca began to negotiate with Winfield to bring the Pirates into the War on the side of the ExoFleet. After being guaranteed that Mars would be given to the Pirates at the War's end, he accepted the position of Captain aboard Exofleet's flagship, The Resolute II. Simbacca was treated for Dark Matter Syndrome after Hallas had attempted, but failed, to assassinate him.

Simbacca is a skillful leader, who by force of will is able to hold together the different clans, which are comprised of people with differing loyalties and agendas. His preferred method of attack is the hit-and-run. He normally organizes his defenses with the intention of baiting his enemy into a trap from which they cannot escape. These methods were originally designed for dealing with the ExoFleet, but his experience with fighting a superior enemy was no doubt an important contribution to the alliance. He has respect for those ExoFleet officers who can think like Pirates. Simbacca realizes the importance of having skilled people in the appropriate positions, sometimes in spite of rank or experience.

Perhaps because Simbacca has received treatment for Dark Matter Syndrome, perhaps because of his age, he seems ready to coexist with his allies, who were once his enemies, ater the war is over. Unlike his fellow Pirates, many of whom seem to enjoy fighting for its own sake, Simbacca always knows what he wishes to accomplish (although he does enjoy matching wits with other great military minds). He looks forward to profiting from the opportunities to make money that he anticipates will be available after the war.

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