Kaz Takagi
ExoTrooper Kaz Takagi
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Exofighter Space E-frame #CR-001
Status Active
Voice Actor Michael Benyaer


Kaz Takagi was the second youngest member of the Able Squad. He has often been regarded as a rookie and a troublemaker, which is only half-true: he did cause a lot of trouble to his teammates, but never let them down in combat or otherwise. Kaz's E-frame, a #CR-001 Exofighter, was the only one in the squad that was incapable of ground combat, therefore he usually stayed in the air to provide aerial support and to scout the surroundings. A brilliant space pilot, Kaz Takagi deeply respected all fellow Able Squad members and especially regarded Wolf Bronski as his mentor and his closest friend. He developed a strong friendship and competitive rivalry with fellow Exofleet pilot Yuri Stavrogan, though Marsh disproved of the friendship as he felt that Yuri encouraged Kaz's reckless behavior. Takagi cited his father's negative attitude towards him as being one of the prime factors that drove him to be the exceptional pilot that he became. After the end of the war, Wing Cmdr. Marsh sent him to the Exofleet Academy. As J.T. put it, "If [Kaz] can't follow orders, [he] might as well learn to give them."

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