The Kin
Faction Pirate Clans
Name Kin
Class Carrier
Status Active
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew

The Kin was a ship in the Pirate Fleet of the Carrier class.


The Kin was apart of the special envoy for Exofleet emissaries Commander Marsh and ExoTrooper DeLeon in an attempt to broker a deal between the Exofleet and Pirate Clans. With the Neosapiens afraid of an alliance they attempted to form their own alliance, only with the intent of capturing Jonas Simbacca.

After his capture, Marsh, DeLeon and Hallas commandeered the Kin to rescue Simbacca. With the Pirates initial intent to let Simbacca perish so other power hungry members may attempt to seize power in the wake of Simbacca's vacancy, out of pride the Pirates rallied to support Marsh and DeLeon to rescue Simbacca as they didn't want Exofleet to do their job.


Episode AppearanceEdit

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