Krueger, Venus Resistance
Faction Venus Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Neo-Walker
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Unknown

Krueger (†) was a member of the Venus Resistance.


Krueger grew up as farmer on Vesta. Krueger held a personal vendetta against Governor General Draconis, with his hatred driving him to be equally as ruthless and viscous as Draconis. Additionally, he held resentment, as did most Terrans on Venus, towards the Exofleet for leaving Venus open to Neosapien invasion.

After the liberation, Krueger became the leader of a rogue resistance cell that was intent on exacting revenge for all of the atrocities committed by the Neosapiens during their occupation of Venus. Krueger's cell kidnapped ExoTrooper Marsala in attempt to ransom the ExoFleet into expelling all the neosapiens from the ExoFleet and Venus. Krueger ultimately failed and was killed during Marsala's rescue.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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