Matthew Marcus
Captain Marcus, ExoFleet Command
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame None
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Unknown

Captain Matthew Marcus (†) was assigned to the Resolute of the Exofleet.


Captain Marcus was always known for his conflicting tactics with Admiral Winfield and his borderline subordination, always questioning Admiral Winfield. Moreover, Captain Marcus was an incompetent commanding officer illustrated by his inept strategies. Even when in command, he was unable to carry out his own combat plan and when circumstances changed, he was unable to adapt or even make decisions.

He often caused friction with E-frames pilots and their ExoSquad commanding officers, such as J.T. Marsh, often referring to them as “Exo-Jockeys”. Captain Marcus, like the other captains of the heavy Exocarriers, were overconfident in their ships’ abilities. Captain Marcus was often reluctant to use the Resolute’s complement of E-frames in combat as well as never seeing their tactical advantage.

In 2120 A.D. he and Captain Furlong conspired to take ExoFleet command away from Admiral Winfield. They reasoned that Winfield was spending too much time repairing and prepping the fleet at their Io Moon Base and that Phaeton would undoubtedly repair the GRAF Shields of Earth and Venus before ExoFleet would be able to liberate the Homeworlds. The mutiny was successful and Captain Marcus led the ExoFleet on the Third Battle of Earth.

Truly though, Captain Marcus conducted himself in a way and made decisions that he thought sincerely were in the best interests of his fellow soldiers and the Homeworlds. Furthermore, he never lost respect for Winfield. When Captain Furlong questioned Winfield's courage, Marcus told Furlong that he would not allow the questioning of another officer's courage. Later, he allowed Winfield onto the bridge during the Third Battle of Earth.

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