Michael David Donovan is a Canadian voice actor and had his voice used in many TV shows and anime. On Exosquad, He voiced Wolf Bronski and several other characters. He is most known for his voice on the series ReBoot for his voices of Phong, Mike the TV, Cecil, and Al. He has also provided the voice of Sabretooth for X-Men: Evolution and Carnage for Spider-Man Unlimited. He played the lead role of Conan on the series Conan the Adventurer. He provided the voices of Spike The Dog and Droopy on the hit WB series Tom & Jerry Tales. He also provided the voice for Ryoga Hibiki in the anime series Ranma ½, Suikotsu in InuYasha, as well as Cye of Torrent and Sage of Halo in Ronin Warriors. He has also directed many animated series and feature films.

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