Mobile Land and Air Command E-frame
Pheaton in E-Frame


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Known Pilots
Pilots Phaeton

Type: 'General Purpose E-Frame


Height: 2.7m (8' 10")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.7m (5' 7")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.1m (3' 7")


Primary Lift/Thrust: Directional Leg Thrusters



  • Neutron Shoulder Rockets (three, designed to neutralize ExoTroopers but leave e-frames intact)
Phaton's E-Frame Missile

Neutron Shoulder Rockets


  • Powered Claw Cruise Missile (one each arm; long or short range)
  • Tri-Blaster (one each arm; medium power, but rapid-fire)
Phaton's E-Frame Lazers


  • Power Claw (one each arm)


  • Cockpit: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding
  • Front: 7cm Plasteel Armor; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
  • Back: 5cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 2cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between) heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat
  • Arms: 3cm Plasteel Armor housing; heat/shatter resistant ceramic coat


The Command E-frame is standard issue for Neosapien exoframe squadron commanders. While still aerodynamic in design, it has much better armor than the High Speed Stealth E-frame and can survive multiple direct hits. Its weaponry is limited, but powerful. Governor General Phaeton himself uses a uniquely customized to allow him to communicate with the entire Neosapien fleet. Another improvement on his E-frame was probably an even better armor, since in the battle at the Olympus Mons, Phaeton emerged from a lake of lava with his E-frame virtually undamaged.


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Mobile Land and Air Command E-frame GalleryEdit

Phaeton's Mobile Land and Air Command E-frame GalleryEdit

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