Wotan, a prominant Neo-lord

Neo Lords were the first successful attempt to combine a normal Neosapien intelligence with brutal physical strength of Neo Warriors through Genetic Engineering. Armed with wings, claws, camouflage abilities and an intellect equaling those of normal Neosapiens, Neo Lords were the deadliest enemies the Terrans have ever encountered. They were between 8 and 10 feet tall.

Neo Lords were introduced near the end of the Neosapien War, so only a very limited number of them existed - in fact, only the test types, since the destruction of the Neo Lord breeding facility during the Battle of Antarctica delayed the release of the second brood. A second facility was created near Washington DC but was attacked by Exofleet during the Fourth Battle of Earth. The Neo Lords had to be released early from their breeding chambers. As a result they were half-finished, lacking wings and possessing only animalistic intelligence. These Neo Lords were all killed battling the Jumptroops.

Phaeton appreciated abilities of the Neo Lords but generally mistrusted them, preferring to surround himself with fellow Neosapiens. However, in the closing days of the war, as Phaeton grew increasingly paranoid and insane, he used the Neo Lords to purge his own Neosapien generals.

Notable Neo LordsEdit

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