Neosapien Hovertank just built in the Neosapien Hovertank Factory located in Chicago.

The Neosapien Hovertanks are said to have 18 inches of Plasteel armor all around, with double redundant backups on the drive train and weapons ("Fifth Column"). They are capable of sustained speeds up to 200 kph (kilometers per hour). Use thrusters on the underside, with nothing in contact with the ground instead moving about a foot or so above it. They are difficult to destroy. But they are restricted to the ground and if they do not have air cover they can be vulnerable targets to opposing E-frames. Despite their forward speed, they do not seem particularly maneuverable.


The Hovertanks were designed especially for ground combat on Earth immediately after the reconquest of Venus. Many were seen during the Second Battle of Mercury. They were hard for anything with less firepower than an E-frame to take down. During the Fourth Battle of Earth, several tanks were seized by members of the North American Resistance when they attacked their production facility in Detroit, and were used to advance on Phaeton City (formerly, Chicago). They were intercepted by a column of Neosapien tanks at a cloverleaf interchange in Battle Creek, Michigan, where they engaged in a protracted tank battle on and around the freeway until Exofleet shattered the Neosapien defense lines with an orbital bombardment.

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