Neosapien Outrider Sloop Class
Neo Outrider Sloop Class fighters chasing Maggie and Kaz
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Name Neosapien Outrider Sloop Class
Class Neosapien Outrider Sloop Class
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Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
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Heavily armored with a couple guns, and fairly quick, these were only seen in one episode in outer space defending Mars from an approaching Scout Ship. Why they were not seen again is questionable. Most likely their weaponry was inadequte (lack of missiles, and the guns don't do much damage) and/or they lacked the range necessary for more than planetary defense. They are probably used as an advance guard to deal with minor threats, radioing for help with larger ones.

Neosapien Outrider Sloop Class GalleryEdit

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