Nick Tyree
Nick Tyree, Australian Resistance Commander
Faction Earth Resistance
Race Terran
E-Frame Police Enforcer E-frame
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown
Nick Tyree was Commander of the Earth Resistance in Australia.


Initially he refused to work with the Exofleet, a similar sentiment that other resistance cells had due to them feeling abandoned. During the Blockade of Io, he was the most vocal opponent to Winfield's demand for a unified command between all resistance cells and Exofleet. Even when a unified command was established, with Sean Napier leading all of Earth's resistance cells, Tyree was difficult to work with.

This was evident when he instigated the Battle of Australia. Even though he made some major successes, his cell was the first to experience the wrath of the Neo Warriors. Tyree and a few of his men were eventually rescued by Able Squad, but the Australian cell was effectively in ruins afterwards. He survived the war and joined the Homeworlds Congress.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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