Phaeton City (Chicago)
Phaeton City
Phaeton City
Location Earth
Status Liberated

The North American city of Chicago was renamed Phaeton City and designated the capital of the Neosapien Commonwealth.


The City of Chicago was incorporated on March, 1837. It served for many years as a transport hub for North American commerce. Shortly before the Second Neosapien rebellion Chicago became a sister city with the Neo Sapien Commonwealth. The mayor of Chicago at this time was a strong supporter in building a friendship between the Humans and the Neosapiens. Mayor Reed invited Phaeton and his delegation to speak on behalf of the Neosapien Commonwealth. Despite a few negative statements and a failed assassination attempt on Phaeton foiled by Chicago police officer Sean Napier the majority of Chicago citizens supported Mayor Reed's proposal.


During the Neosapien War Governor Phaeton chose to rename the city of Chicago as the new capital of the Neosapien Commonwealth. Reed, the former mayor, collaborated with the occupation forces in return for special treatment.

Later, attacks by the Earth Resistance convinced Phaeton that Reed could not keep the population under control and he was executed. While Phaeton held the city, he never made a concentrated effort to completely re-name the city. Several signs that refered to Chicago as Chicago were seen intact. Phaeton also never put much effort to repair the city after it was invaded by the Neosapien forces.

Prior to the Neosapien War, Chicago had a population of at least 3 million Terrans, before Phaeton ordered their removal.


As the war turned against the Neosapiens, Phaeton contructed an extensive bunker beneath the city to act as a command and control center. His paranoia and several mistakes by his generals had convinced him that he could not delegate his authority to others.

He also installed a Doomsday Device within the bunker capable of destroying the Earth. It was Phaeton's plan to detonate the weapon if the war was lost and he was in danger of capture. When Exofleet attacked the city, during the Battle of Phaeton City, (having already liberated the other Homeworlds) Phaeton attempted to detonate the Doomsday Device. But sabotage by Livia gave Able Squad the time they needed to storm the bunker and kill Phaeton.

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