Pirate Fighter
Pirate fighter 2
Faction Pirate Clans
Name Pirate Fighter
Class Pirate Fighter
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Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
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They were used during the Blockade of Io and the Pirate Clans War. In both conflicts they suffered heavy casualities when confronted with E-frames.


Although not as fast as an E-frame, these are very quick and maneuverable, able to change speed and direction well. They lack the armor and weaponary to engage armed vessels, considering the fact that several were easily destroyed by Able Squad during the Battle of the Rings of Saturn.


  • Primary Lift/Thrust: Rotating Navigational Wings


  • Wing
    • Camouflaged silos housing missiles
    • Forward Pulse Action Laser Gun
  • Nose
    • Laser Cannon

Accessory EquipmentEdit

  • Concealed "smuggler" compartment for Jumptroop deployment

Pirate Fighter GalleryEdit

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