Ramon Longfeather
Ramon profile
GySgt. Ramon Longfeather
Faction Exofleet
Race Terran
E-Frame Ultralight Heavy Gravity E-Frame #LL-828
Status Active
Voice Actor Richard Newman

Gunnery Sergeant Ramon Longfeather was assigned to Charlie Company 5th Platoon as Squad Leader of the Mortar Team.


Longfeather was known for his prowess on the battlefield which was personified by his big stature and brute strength. Though the image of him on the battle field was fierece, it contrasted with his calm demeanor and wisdom that are rooted in his Native American heritage.

As the big brother of the platoon, his tutelage was often on display between him and his close friendship with the comedic yet hot tempered counterpart Lance Cpl Pellegrino. Longfeather’s enlistment went beyond the Neosapien War where he remained with Charlie Company 5th Platoon.

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