The Resolute
Faction Exofleet
Name Resolute
Class Fleet Exocarrier
Status Destroyed
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew

The Resolute (†) was a ship in the Exofleet of the Fleet Exocarrier class under the command of Captain Marcus.


The Resolute was already on active duty and serving a deployment in 2119 A.D. when the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans of Saturn. The Pirate Clans War was in response to Jonas Simbacca's Pirate Clans pillaging a civilian ore freighter, the Danube, which resulted in the death of one of its two crew members. The Resolute responded to the distress call from the Danube and launched a boarding party to investigate the Danube wreckage. In addition to the death of the Danube's crew member, an entire ExoFleet work crew was killed when a booby trap left by the Pirates was accidentally triggered.

The Pirate Clans War abruptly ended when the Neosapien Commonwealth attacked and conquered the Homeworlds. In response, the Exofleet turned its full attention to freeing the Homeworlds from Neosapien oppression.

Captain Marcus, like the other captains of the fleet exocarriers, were overconfident in their ships’ abilities. Captain Marcus was often reluctant to use the Resolute’s complement of E-Frames in combat as well as never seeing their tactical advantage. This approach led him to believe that if he could take over the Exofleet, he would no doubt liberate the Homeworlds.

This thinking would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Resolute in the Third Battle of Earth. The Resolute was destroyed when Marcus armed the warheads and flew the damaged exocarrier into the Neosapien fleet as a final act of defiance.


Episode AppearancesEdit

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