Commander Sardus
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Neosapien
E-Frame Mobile Land and Air Command
Status Active
Voice Actor Unknown

Commander Sardus was assigned to the Earth Fleet of the Neosapien Commonwealth as an E-frame pilot under the command of Minister of Information Livia.


Sardus was the commander of a Neosapien E-Frame Squadron that was based out of the Northern Pacific on Earth. Sardus was in charge of leading his squadron to successfully recover a hover train which was stolen by the Earth Resistance.

The hover trained also contained Governor General Phaeton's particle accelerator that was needed for the construction of the Doomsday Device. The train was booby-trapped by J.J. Grimley, unbeknownst to Commander Sardus, and set to detonate inside the secret Neosapien base located at the Great Slave Lake. The base and particle accelerator were subsequently destroyed.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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