The Scavenger
Faction Pirate Clans
Name Scavenger
Class Destroyer
Status Destroyed
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Complement Pirate Fighter

The Scavenger (†) was a ship in the Pirate Fleet of the Destroyer class under the command of Captain Ryack .


The Scavenger was in charge of transporting captured Neo Mega Lysander, or a Neo Mega thought to have been Lysander, to Exofleet intelligence for further study regarding Automutation Syndrome.

During the voyage, the Neo Mega escaped and killed most of the crew. As the crew abandoned ship, ExoTrooper DeLeon rigged a Fusion Pack to explode to stop the Neo Mega who had mutated and commandeered an E-frame. The ship was destroyed in the explosion.


Episode AppearancesEdit

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