• Year: 2119
  • Factions
    • Exofleet
    • Neosapien Commonwealth
  • Casualties
    • Exofleet: Bismarck, Borealis, Coronado, Sakura, Sovereign, E-frames
    • Neosapien Commonwealth: 2 destroyers, E-frames


Desperate to engage the Neosapiens as soon as possible, Matthew Marcus ordered that the Exocarriers proceed at flank speed. This meant leaving the support ships behind. When J.T. Marsh objected to this he was charged with mutiny. Informed that the Exocarriers when en-route without the support ships, Phaeton ordered his fleets to take positions.

One exocarrier was destroyed during the first minutes of combat. The Resolute destroyed 2 Neosapien destroyers. The Coronado was destroyed when an E-frame flew into the missile bays and detonated the Fusion Torpedos. Marcus ordered a defensive formation around the Borealis after it suffered heavy damage. Phaeton stated, "When the exocarriers are destroyed, we have won the war."

Soon after the Borealis was destroyed, Able Squad entered the battle. Winfield entered the bridge and ordered the launch of all E-frames. Winfield gave Marsh command of Baker Squad and Charlie Squad to attack the Olympus Mons (ship).

Phaeton, realizing the threat of an E-frame attack, ordered his fleet to concentrate their firepower on the E-frames. This allowed the exocarriers to escape. Phaeton refused to pursue them and instead had the fleet return to Mars for repairs.

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