• Year: 2120
  • Factions
    • Exofleet
    • Neosapien Commonwealth


Able Squad had gone to Venus to find Algernon, the inventor of the GRAF Shield. After gaining the support of the Venus Resistance, they stormed the GRAF command center. Algernon was initially resistent to leave, reminding Marsh how the Homeworlds Congress had refused the shield because of financial problems. He was convinced to side with Exofleet after Marsh asked him how expendable Terrans were to the Neosapiens. Algernon said the shield was operational and ready for combat.

As soon as Exofleet appeared on the sensors, Draconis ordered the deployment of all E-frames and the activation of the shield. Algernon remembered that he had done most of the programming in his office and begin to re-write the shield's targeting system.

Winfield ordered a counterattack on the incoming E-frames, however sheer numbers forced him to assume a defensive formation. The Newton was severely damaged by a missile salvo. After numerous Neosapien E-frames were destroyed, they retreated to the fleet, creating confusion among the Exofleet pilots.

After the Venus Fleet had withdrawn to a safe distance, Xenobius activated the shield. The already damaged Newton was the first ship to be destroyed, followed by an Exocruiser.

However, Algernon had completed the new targeting program, which sent the shield's energy towards the Venus Fleet. The entire Venus Fleet and all the ground based E-frames were destroyed near instantly as the shield was at maximum power.

Algernon hid the new programming and Nara Burns appeared to evacuate the infiltration team. Xenobius was held responsible for the disaster and reminded that Phaeton had funneled billions into a faulty weapon. Phaeton ordered that all the GRAF Shields be de-activated until the problem was repaired. Draconis was sent part of the Earth Fleet for reinforcements until a new Venus Fleet was constructed.

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