Shiva, Governor General of Earth
Faction Neosapien Commonwealth
Race Neosapien
E-Frame Amphibious Assault E-frame #AA-500
Status K.I.A.
Voice Actor Gary Chalk

Shiva (†) was Governor General of Earth for the Neosapien Commonwealth.


Shiva commanded the Neosapien forces during the First Battle of Earth. He then alternated between being the governor of Earth and commanding the Earth Fleet or the Mars Fleet. After the Earth Resistance escaped destruction due to Shiva's refusal to work with the Neo Megas he was assigned as a military ground commander. He led the Battle of Australia, but was captured and forced to allow the terrans to withdraw. For this he was sent to prison instead of being executed. He finally died in the Fourth Battle of Venus.


  • His name is based on Shiva.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Shiva GalleryEdit

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