The Fusion Pulse Cannon on Sinope.
Type Moon
Status Destroyed
Places of Interest

Sinope was one of the farthest moons of Jupiter. It was the location of the Fusion Pulse Cannon, a supergun designed to destroy the Exofleet base at Io and the pirate fleet. The cannon was destroyed during the Battle of Sinope ("Ultimate Weapon") by an Exofleet-Pirate Clans E-frame assault unit. An E-frame Fusion Pack self-destructed near the reactor. The resulting reactor overload and explosion obliterated Sinope.

The debris caused a "meteor swarm" that heavily damaged the Neosapien fleet that was en-route to destroy the Io base. The destruction of the cannon and the Neosapien retreat allowed Exofleet and the Pirate Clans to break the Blockade of Io and retreat to Chaos.

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