The Solar System is the planetary system where the Exosquad series takes place, featuring the interplanetary war between the Neosapiens under Phaeton against the alliance of the Exofleet and the Pirate Clans.

The Homeworlds Congress was the dominant government in the solar system, but for several years the Congress was replaced by the Neosapien Commonwealth as the dominant interplanetary regime.  After the fall of Phaeton, the Homeworlds Congress was reinstated.  The Congress was located at the Homeworlds Space Station in orbit around Earth.

Inner PlanetEdit

The term "Inner Planets" refers to the planets whose orbits lay between those of the Homeworlds and the Sun.



The Homeworlds were the three planets inhabited by both Terrans and Neosapiens: Earth, Venus, and Mars. These planets comprised the old human empire which was destroyed in the Neosapien War led by Governor Phaeton. They were also the core of Phaeton's Neosapien Commonwealth. Being the political, industrial, and financial core of the Solar System, the Homeworlds were the ultimate objective of both sides of the conflict. Whoever controlled them, controlled the entire Solar System.


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The MoonEdit


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The Neosapien War, which devastated the Solar System, was waged not only on the planets and their natural satellites; even asteroids, such as Ceres, became battlefields.


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Outer PlanetEdit

The Outer Planets, the planets beyond the asteroid belt, were the dominion of the Pirate Clans. Jupiter and Saturn were not inhabited because of their gaseous structure, although some of their moons were. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were not inhabited because the Pirates lacked the technology to terraform them.


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