Spy / Logistics Field Communications E-frame
Baker Charlie Resist
Height: 2.5 m
Depth: 1.5 m
Breadth: 1.1 m
Standard Armaments
Right Arm: Fully automatic exogun with munitions pod
Primary Thrust: Mag-Lev Anti-Gravity VTO Leg Jets
Primary Lift: Mag-Lev Anti-Gravity VTO Leg Jets

Model: #SLR-345
Type: General Purpose E-Frame


Height: 2.5m (8' 2")
Width [shoulder to shoulder]: 1.6m (5' 3")
Profile [cockpit]: 1.1m (3' 7")


  • Primary Lift/Thrust: Mag-Lev Anti-Gravity VTO Leg Jets



Mission variable options:

  • Single missile launcher, single rocket launcher (with single antenna)

Single missile launcher

Right Arm

  • Automatic slugthrower chain gun cannon (housed beneath the launchable probe, belt fed from external ammunition canister)

Chain rocket launcher

Left Arm

  • Four Barrel Fusion Missile Launcher (long or short range)

Four Barrel Fusion Missile Launcher


  • Mission variable options:
  • Single missile launcher (one each leg)
  • Cylindrical rocket launcher (right leg)


Front: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding (primary concern is pilot visibility, only capable of deflecting light/medium blaster fire and light impacts)
Back: 7cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 3cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between)
Arms: 4cm Plasteel Armor housing

Accessory EquipmentEdit


  • Rotating Long-Range Dish Radar (monitors and tracks all battlefield activity and communications; has an effective transmission range on the interplanetary scale)

Rotating Long-Range Dish Radar

  • Single or dual antenna

Right Arm

  • Launchable probe (with miles of range, its digital imaging provides the pilot with a precision long-range scouting tool)



  • Electronic Disruption Field (dish; produces a field that scrambles electronic circuits within fairly short range)

Accessory Equipment

  • Advanced Flight Recorder (pilot's "black box", provides an almost perfect synthesis of the pilot's mind with the e-frame)


With its extensive communications and reconnaissance capabilities, the Wraith is an integral part of every exosquad, whether on a battlefield or engaged in scouting operations. Such complexity requires a well-trained pilot for the Wraith to be used to its potential. Despite being one of the most experienced members of Able Squad, Wolf Bronski had considerable difficulty mastering its instruments when standing in for Alec DeLeon (Scorched Venus). The Wraith is also the most fragile of all ExoFleet General Purpose E-Frames, since it sacrifices armor for atmospheric speed and its additional electronics.

Wraith e-frames appeared in a variety of colour schemes: apple green (Alec DeLeon); orange, and gray (Grimley). James Burns used both a gray (The Greatest Fear) and light tan (Venus Rising) example.


The most fragile and complex E-frame of the Exofleet, the "Wraith" was an integral element of any exosquad because of its powerful communication and surveillance systems. It requires a lot of skill and training to master #SLR-345, so if it wasn't for Alec DeLeon's abilities, the Able Squad would have been blind and deaf. DeLeon's Algernon Upgrades were an Electronic Disruption Field Generator and an Advanced Flight Recorder, a device capable of blending pilot's mind with the E-frame navigation computer and even storing the pilot's personality.

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