Season 2, Episode 31
The Price of Courage titlecard
Air date 1994
Written by Eric Lewald
Michael Edens
Animation by AKOM
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Dark River

"The Price of Courage" is the 31st episode of the second season of Exosquad.


Phaeton has Shiva take most of what remains of the Neosapien fleets to Venus in a final attempt to destroy the ExoFleet. With the Resolute II undergoing repairs, Admiral Winfield takes a large portion of the fleet towards Earth in an attempt to fool the Neosapiens into thinking an attack is immenent, and therefore withdraw to defend Earth. Shiva calls Winfield's bluff, and proceeds with an attack on the fleet at Venus. An e-frame assault on the Neo fleet fails, but a Fusion Torpedo attack inflicts heavy damage on the Neo fleet. Shiva then personally leads an e-frame assault, but is shot down and dies as the attack fails.


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  • As Jonas and J.T. discuss what they will do after the war ends, Simbacca tells J.T.:
"There will be fortunes to be made after the war. More wealth than I ever saw as a Pirate. I intend to be one of the most important men in the solar system. And you could be there, with me, at my side. In this war I have trusted men with my life. You, I would trust with my money."
  • While Simbacca and Marsh discuss strategy for the coming battle:
Simbacca: "I like the way you think J.T. Marsh. You will command the counterattack."
Marsh: "But Simbacca, that's a job for a senior commander."
Simbacca: "If you win, no one will complain. And if you lose, there won't be anyone left to complain."
  • Torres returns to find Bronski telling the ExoScouts some war stories:
Bronski (to scouts): "Well, once those Neos knew it was Wolf Bronski they were up against, they started running!"
Torres: "Bronski!"
Bronski (turns): "Hi Sarge. I was just tellin' the boys here a few stories."
Torres: "Yeah? Sounded more like fairy tales."
  • Phaeton's speech to the fleet: "The blow you are about to strike will send the Terran rabble back to the cover of their Pirate hideouts. You will have your revenge for the Terrans' destruction of Mars. I will build a monument to your victory on Venus, and inscribe your names in stone, so that future broods will remember your courage."

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