The wiki has major issues in terms of content and formatting. This cleanup will address the following issues and the way the wiki going to deal with them.



Many articles here tend to have too many blue links that point to the same page. Not only this is a bit too much, it's also bad formatting that reminds users of tvtropes, which also issues with this.

Pages should have one or at the most two blue links (one in the inbox and one for the article) that point to the same page.

Episode Articles

All the episode articles were copy and pasted from an Exosquad fansite. This resulted in rather long articles which looked worse with the current Wikia skin. Images in the articles were posted with very little regard to aesthetics and article readability.

Episode articles will be pared down to an intro line, an inbox, and summary. All images will also be commented out except the ones in the inbox. This is to make it reworking the articles much easier and to build up. The synopses, quotes, images, and trivia may be added back in later.


All galleries will be commented out. This is because default skin, Wikia, and settings make the galleries awkward looking. The default settings don't really leave a lot of room for galleries. It especially bad if the article doesn't have a lot of text and has an infobox.

The galleries may be added back in later depending how the the wiki wide clean up goes.

Titlecards with bad filenames

This is a problem that has plagued this wiki before it was abandoned by the previous admin. Several episode title cards have bad filenames like a.jpg or Bbbb.jpg. While it is a minor issue, it's a potential problem should the staff should get around to cleaning up the episode articles and when the episode info boxes get updated. Not to mention, the filenames are often lacking in context and are meaningless and also it makes organizing them difficult.

Overly Redundant Info in character pages

Several of the smaller character articles have information that was copy and pasted. This resulted in pages looking too uniform and "samey".

For example:


Note that Delta_Squad#History looks almost the same other than the some characters names being different.

Those pages will be edited to remove the redundant information.

This will blog post be updated whenever as more issues come up.

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