The Vorgon
Faction Pirate Clans
Name Vorgon
Class Carrier
Status Active
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew

The Vorgon was a ship in the Pirate Fleet of the Carrier class under the command of Captain Acuna.


The Vorgon assisted the Earth Resistance and Able Squad by helping to rescue former leaders, including Secretary General and President Jonathan Perion of the Homeworld Congress from Neosapien concentration camps. Exofleet Command wanted the leaders to return to the constituents to help in an effort to be more organized and help with the non-military side of the resistance.

The Vorgon also assisted the Cossack in rescuing Able Squad and members of the Australian Resistance who were making a last stand at the Canberra parliament house after they were overwhelmed by a Neosapien counter attack when the Commander of the Earth Resistance in Australia, Nick Tyree, went rogue and attempted to liberate Australia on his own.


Episode AppearanceEdit

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