Will Meugniot is an American writer, storyboard and comics artist, film producer and director. He often mistaken as the creator of Exosquad, when in fact, he was the major force behind the show. The show was creation of Jeff Segal. It was Meugniot who chose the intinal E-frame designs.


Will had drawn a string of memorable covers for Femforce in the early ’90′s, not to mention illustrating comics like Marvel Team-Up, Howard the Duck, Solomom Kane and Marvel Chillers, as well as penciling on the Spider-Man newspaper strip.

Over the last two decades, he has worked almost exclusively in the field of TV animation, as a producer, director and designer, on shows including The Real Ghostbusters, X-Men, Jem, G.I. Joe, Ultimate Avengers 2, Street Fighter, Exosquad, Captain Planet, Spider-Man Unlimited, Aliens, Alienator, Spydogs and Corduroy.

The twice-Emmy nominated Mr. Meugniot has also been head of Universal Family Entertainment, Executive VP of Development at Stan Lee Media, and Supervising Producer at DiC, GRAZ and Saban Entetainment. Most recently, he directed a Dragonlance direct-to-video feature for Paramount.

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